At Seminoff Architectural we value…

… looking upwards with a visionary view of the future, daringly optimistic that we will leave the world better than we found it, not only tomorrow or next week, but next century and beyond. We are ever curious about how the world works and what it can teach us. With a sense of urgency we are interested in elevating our culture in large and small ways, surprising and delighting people as we go.

… looking inwards, grounded in self awareness, understanding our own limitations yet confronting and overcoming them to embrace personal growth. We seek wellness, wholeness, completeness, so that as we thrive in body, mind and spirit we will function daily with efficiency, clarity and vitality.

… looking outwards, respecting others for their innate human value and the unique story they are living, while overlapping our own story with unity and harmony, allowing them freedom to contribute meaningfully to developing ideas that are larger than any one person. Understanding that our authority and expertise is a result of our conduct, language, ethics and attention to detail: truly world class, remarkable and professional in everything we do.